October 16, 2017

Mom Never Grew Up

Kitties, first, I'll demonstrate that I can scootch down out of the hottest part of the sun.  You see my blankie I was resting on.  Yes, this place is a place mom ALWAYS feels compelled to take pictures of me. And she always posts them,  poor woman.  I guess seeing me stretched out bonelessly enjoying the sunpuddle just makes her happy.  (get a job, mom).

Not to be outdone, here SHE is for pity sake, in her new pajama set hat just arrived.  Well, the top anyway--- so she can show it off. Her development must have become arrested or something the minute she laid eyes on a kitty back in the far reaches of time a billion squillion years ago.

Sigh.  Here.  There mom.  Better now???

Bless her heart....

October 14, 2017

I've Never Done This Before

Kitties, I got tired of waiting on Mommy to give me my drink out of the paper cup as she always does.  She just left me standing there after I helped her with her face and hair while I draped myself attractively on the tub edge, and she never gave a thought to MY needs!

October 13, 2017

Look at What I Have

Kitties, a good friend of Mom's gifted her with this Wednesday!  Wasn't that wonderful of her?

October 11, 2017

HEY! Watch it Fella!

Kitties, I don't cotton to anyone, no matter how cute, messing with my tunnel.  I have all my mancat and BFF coordinates input and I don't want them shaken out by a rough and tumble toddler.  How dare you, Sir!

and stay away! 

Told yoo! 

October 9, 2017

Good Better Best...Never Last it Rest....

Kitties, It's a tough life around here!

Um, Mom...trying to get some rest here, ya know? 

Yes, Mom? 

My lights are  OUT! 

October 4, 2017

In THAT case....

I don't want to leave my Cat Blogosphere friends so..here I go with another true adventure story of control!  Well, wait a minute.  In this case she won!

Yesterday I was down the hallway in the spare bedroom.  I was enjoying an afternoon sunpuddle.  Mom knew where I was and said in a lower than usual volume tone "Are you hungry"?  I came straight into the kitchen from the bedroom to my place mat.  Mom dished out my supper.  I have shown that I know some phrases and sentences and words.  I don't always do what is requested.  That would be un-catly.  BUT I do when it suits me. And I do often enough to let her know that yes, I understand her.

I understand and usually heed "Come here".  and "Look". "Supper" "Breakfast" and "Do you want breakfast" and other favorite phrases i.e.  "Ready for bed"? and "Let's go"  "wanna play"? I'm not going to remind her right now of other words and phrases I understand as I don't want her getting the big head thinking she recalls them all!

 When I am acting like a vulture (or Snoopy from Peanuts when he is being a vulture on his doghouse) by leaning way over her face from my position behind her head after we go to bed and it's time for petting, she starts laughing every TIME!  She thinks it's so funny to see my chessboard fur design under my chin and head, leaning over her like a vulture birdie.  I LOVE when she laughs like that. I have her right on the central pink pad of my paw!  I can make her laugh at will. I'll lean several times over her face..purring hard and then, I collapse with my face pressed to hers.  She is a total sap for that.  I can rule her actions like no other!  You other kitties got your mom's or dad's under your toesies?  At your command?  Give!