March 26, 2017

Sunday Morning Leisure

Kitties, nothing like a round with your candy cane!

I think I may try out my other candy cane too.  My Boomie gave me these.

March 25, 2017

Busy Busy!

Kitties, I am busy at the Bacon Harvest today with Angel Sammy and Teddy and man, picking that fresh bacon...seeing all the bacon that blossomed out and partaking of the snack wheelbarrow as it cruises through the aisles of the bacon greenhouse...what a super day.  You oughtta come over!  All our friends are there~!  Suzie Q is there to cheer looking adorable and being naughty as always.

March 22, 2017


Is there no end????  When did the earth tilt on its axis?  Good grief!!! Sheesh, Mom.  First Greta.  5 months old and all 26 pounds of her!  Man....

I hear you say you can't control who takes a walk up there where you do, but do you have to stop and exchange pleasantries?  I happen to KNOW via an ebil squirrel who tattled that you walked at least twice around with....RINGO and his Dad yesterday.  Now Greta!

March 20, 2017

Is Everybody READY?

The Bacon Harvest is this Saturday.  I hope everyone is ready.  *I* am.  I hope we get to eat part of what we help harvest!

Meanwhile, I am parking right next to mom's ear every night just about--- but I have not put my snooter in there.  Just next to it.

She didn't think I was awake when talking to my other favorite brovver in NC over the Mountains but I was.  And Kitties, I heard him invite her there for a couple of weekends from now.  That means I will be A-L-O-N-E!!!! I can't sleep alone, Kitties. I need her warmth, her ear, her scritchies, her brushies, extra treats, her lap, smoochies, petting...playing with Stringy! She doesn't talk to me much but I do like to hear her voice when she does.  How am I supposed to see my baby shows if she isn't here to turn them on? Who can I take Donkey and my Floppy Mousie to at night?

I won't have my regular sitter as she is very ill with intractable vertigo.  The alternate said she is taking no business because she is expecting the arrival of her first grandchild in that time.  Mom called and asked my Vet Tech Tiffany if she could sit for me and she agreed to do that.  She is coming to do my manicure Tuesday, so mommy has my particulars ready for her and a spare key.

Kitties, I will be very lonely.  Really.

pee ess...a reminder that I have a Rainbow Page here on my bloggie.  I don't forget my friends and I put them where we can all visit and love them whenever we want to when I make room on the sidebar for other sweet babies who have flown away. Those babies are in their own page.

March 16, 2017

NOW what, Mom?

Kitties, it was after bed time and mom was getting things ready for going to bed.  She wondered where I was but thought perhaps I was patrolling in the kitchen window.  She got her do rag on so I won't eat her hair, and then she went over to turn on the little white noise machine.  That's when she found me.  I was perched atop her knee pillow.  That one she puts under her knees that helps with back pain.  It was stacked atop a spare pillow.  I have never perched there till last night.

These were taken in a dark bedroom.  Mom tried to lighten them.

She turned and went to the bed and took MY pillow from the other side and used it!  I came to bed then, and saw what she had done.  I stood there in the empty space that had contained MY pillow and looked at her steadily.  She got the message and threw back the covers, climbed down and went over to get HER knee pillow and put MY pillow back where it belonged.  Of course I was all put out about it.  She grumbled she didn't care to get up after getting settled in and covered.  Hey, it's my home! I do as I please.

March 14, 2017

New Methods in My Repertoire

Kitties!  Several nights ago, I had slipped up to behind mom's pillow and went to sleep.  She already was asleep .  Then, becoming lonely in the middle of the night, I oozed down (her word, certainly not mine) and slid into place with my face right at her left ear.  So, I stuck my snooter into her ear.  That woke her up.  She  told Mario she could certainly hear my breathing very well, feel my whiskers sticking and tickling and worse she claims, the sound of me licking my lips.  I always lick them twice.  It's a Katie habit.

So there I was, snooter in her ear, breathing, licking my lips and everything, thinking she should be honored.  She laid there and so I became emboldened and I took both paws and placed them on either side of her ear.  I began kneading.  She let me knead several minutes and when it seemed I was not going to go to sleep anytime soon, she did something she never does.  She pulled the covers back and rose from the bed.  She went into the bathroom though there was no need-- and she later said she'd hoped that would discourage me from staying in that position and go  to my side of the bed.

That worked Kitties.  I know when I'm not wanted so I saw her to bed and then I rose, took my leave and I did NOT come back.

So there Mom.

NO pictures of this event as she was trapped there with me until she got up.  First time she has dared to disturb me!

March 12, 2017

Oh KITTIES! Look Who Mom Found!!!!

Kitties!  Mom was looking through a deep shallow kitchen drawer for a so-called fabric shaver to shave off places where she SAYS I clawed up the fleece blankie on her bed.  (Our bed!) { I say SHE did it and is blaming me} and at the very back, against the backboard was: NEW DONKEY!  She did not remember at all that she had managed to get the last two Donkeys there at the Donkey farm!  She thought she had an extra Lion.  But it's Donkey's long long LONG lost brofur!  He was in a plastic storage bag.  Look at Donkey and brother!  Biggafy to see how brave Donkey is and has been.

Loved-on  Donkey has elongated arms and legs from all the strong lovins I give him.  And he is much thinner too from having had surgery on his poor back so many times.  He isn't ready for the Rest Home yet though.  Plenty of lovins left there.  Mom said she's not sure if she should substitute my spiffy brofur occasionally or not to get me accustomed to him.

I just wanted to share my great unexpected and furry welcome news. 💗