November 22, 2017

Me? Diva?

Kitties.  You be the judge.

There I was, mono railing it on the tub edge.  I was watching mom get ready for the day, right?  Right.

We live in an old house and the bathroom is ultra small.  Just the little sink vanity, potty and tub.  Well, mom lays her disguise materials out on the vanity edge before she puts them on her face.  They must be impawtent cause she carefully puts them away when she is finished her dabbing and applying and all that stuff.

Well, she was dabbing, smearing and in general, putting stuffs on her face, poor woman.  Now Kitties, I simply rose and made to get onto the edge of the vanity so as to have a drink from the faucet.  But because all her stuffs were out including brushies and whatever for her task of disguising her face...she saw me poised to walk through it to get into the sink bowl. Yes, the stuffs woulda gone into the wet sink but there would still be room for me.  Can you believe it Kitties?  She said "no" to me.  I will admit she was barely audible--- but the take away here is:  she said "no".  She actually said "no".   No, I tell you.  To me.

I squealed  (mom here..she sure did squeal)   a high pitched- but low volume squeal.  Twice, as she said "no" again!

Here is where I ask you to be the judge.  She told several friends that she had always thought I was a 14 pound bag of sugar without a grain of salt in me.  She says now with that yucky sounding squeal (her words)  I said to her, that I had a whole shaker of salt in me. She said that was not nice and that I was a spoiled brat.  Think she's mean.

You be the judge.

November 19, 2017

Selfie Sunday

Mom!  I told you and told you and told you till I'm black and white in the face!  I refuse to take a selfie. that a timer???  Did you trick me!?  How dare you Mommy! I said no!

November 15, 2017

Oh Look What *I* Have Now

Kitties, it came in the mail last week.  I couldn't be happier.

Mom and I went through and looked at all my furriends! She has made squiggly marks in it with that stick she uses to make squiggly marks with, and said that now she is all set.  Whatever that means.

She forgot to buy one for fave brovver this time!  That will just make him anticipate for next Christmas!  Heeeee.  Meanwhile he can look at mom's and mine.  (he reads the blogs...yours too).

Mom is getting ready this soon for Thanksgiving.  Her's making a chess pie and some brownies for the favorite brovvers who will all be here, instead of what she usually makes.  Her may make another crustless punkin pie too. That'll be more for her.  She doesn't want the crust calories.

I'll be around to see ya. 💗  First mom has to get bundled up and head into the cold for her walkie.

November 13, 2017

I Am Cat! See Me Run!

Kitties, evidence of what I do when Mom has gone from the house.  The minute she leaves, I run like the wind through the house and change all my toys from one place to another.

See my feets and claws marks?  I can REALLY run HARD.  I protect us; and NO kitty or introoder gets past ME!

Skidding around the corner into the bedroom

stopping sharply to inspect for introoders

ON my way to further adventures

November 12, 2017

Sunday Selfie Sorta

Here I am, resting on Mommy's lap last night.  I'm comforting her because the update provided for her tracker that starts with the letter F, froze her device and now it will never work.  All the kings horses and all the kings men can't make the tracker work again though they offered fixes that won't work  of course when the tracker has no working ability.  Can't make something that's powerless work.  So she's sad about wasted money and that she won't be able to continue her workout comparisons with others in the family or friends who also have the same brand of tracker. Manufacturer  won't do anything about it though it is their firmware that caused it.  They just offered a few (25) green papers toward another.  THAT ain't gonna happen she said.

So here I am, doing my comforting as required by Cat Duties:  First Class.

  Mom is pouting.

Last night

November 10, 2017

Veteran's Day.... We Honor it With Our Hearts

Kitties, Woofies, Parents:  Mom and I honor all Vets from any era completely.  We honor them and love them for all they are now and have been while defending us each and all from the forces that would hurt and destroy.

Thank you each and every one of you, from our heart.

Land of the Free
Home of the Brave

November 8, 2017

Ha! Mom!

Well Kitties, she met a woofie this morning at she couldn't charm.  Nosiree! Ask me if I feel badly for her?

She was up at the park, all cold and of course showers...and a yappy woofie, a gorgeous silver Schnauzer came round from the opposite direction and yelled at mom.  He yelled, strained at his leash and yelled some more  Mom passed on by and they met again and again with each go around as they were still going in opposite directions.  Mom stuck her tongue out at the woofie which made her mom laugh.  MY mom then asked if that was a girl or a boy, and the other mom said "a girl" and introduced her as Allie.  She said Allie was 13 years old and I know mom said she agreed with others who thought Allie was a lot younger.  Mom thought about 5 or 6.

Mom was told Allie was very nervous and very active and had LOTS to say.  Mom didn't get to cheat on me by petting, and I say HA HA!

No picture of Allie.  Weather was bad, and they both, Mom and Allie's Mom wanted to keep walking really so they wouldn't disappoint their Fitbits.

Tongue out!

Tongue in.  I'm watching you!